Arsenic in 3-D: Researchers assess risk for eastern Wisconsin groundwater wells
October 21, 2020
A research project funded by the University of Wisconsin Water Resources Institute is attempting to understand why arsenic is an issue in wells in Fond du Lac and Dodge counties in east central Wisconsin, and improve the probability of identifying where arsenic is likely to be a problem for new wells drilled in those counties.
Hiring: Emerging Contaminants Scientist
October 15, 2020
The University of Wisconsin Water Resources Institute and its sister institution, Wisconsin Sea Grant, is hiring an emerging contaminants scientist. Apply by 11:55 p.m. Friday, Nov. 13. T...
Groundwater Research Funding Available
July 24, 2020
Up to $400,000 for fiscal year 2022 will be available for research into groundwater management, quantity and quality through the State of Wisconsin Joint Solicitation for Groundwater Researc...
Research on pyrite oxidation and native microorganisms has implications for groundwater quality in western Wisconsin
July 16, 2020
Water Resources Institute-funded researchers are examining what happens when pyrite meets oxygen and microbes deep below land surface, particularly at circumneutral pH, a situation that has not been well understood up to this point.
University-based research projects to examine Wisconsin’s “buried treasure:” Groundwater
July 8, 2020
Four new WRI-funded projects focused on Wisconsin groundwater are underway on university campuses as of July 1, as well as a continuing one.
Operations in Response to COVID-19
June 17, 2020
Due to the effects of COVID-19, these are unprecedented times for all of society, including water science and outreach at the University of Wisconsin Water Resources Institute. While our...
Telling stories about science
May 27, 2020
A two-year project aims at closing the academic achievement gap between African-American and white students in Wisconsin.
UW-Madison geochemist, funded by the Groundwater Research and Monitoring Program, wins statewide water research award
May 13, 2020
In the classic game of rock, paper, scissors—during each round—one of these mock items formed by participants’ hands comes out on top. In thinking about groundwater and with a scientific twi

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