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Below is a listing of our past and current fellows.

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Current Fellows

Carolyn Voter
As Yogi Berra famously said, it’s déjà vu all over again. Carolyn Voter, a familiar face around the University of Wisconsin-Madison Aquatic Sciences Center (ASC), is reprising her role as the Wisconsin Water Resources Science-Policy Fellow. The fellowship is jointly supported by the Water Resources Institute (part of the ASC)...

Past Fellows

Stephanie DeVries
Addressing water challenges faced by Wisconsin communities is a key goal of the Wisconsin Water Resources Science-Policy Postdoctoral Fellowship—and that is just what Stephanie DeVries accomplished during her recently ended tenure as the 2018-19 Fellow. DeVries lent her expertise to the city of Waupaca by studying increasing nitrate concentrations in two of its...
Carolyn Voter
Voter Elects to Become Debut WRI Fellow Carolyn Voter will be charged with compiling the annual report the state Groundwater Coordinating Council submits to the legislature. Groundwater brought Carolyn Voter to Wisconsin, and groundwater is what’s kept her here. It’s also the centerpiece of her latest career step:  Voter, a...
Alex Latzka
Switching from Lakes to Streams: Alex Latzka, New Water Resources Policy Fellow  Although he grew up in Massachusetts, Alex Latzka fell in love with Wisconsin’s lakes and streams when visiting relatives in his youth. That love led him to receive a Ph.D. in freshwater and marine sciences from the University...