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Actionable science student opportunities at the University of Wisconsin Water Resources Institute

Outreach staff at the University of Wisconsin Water Resources Institute regularly participate in events that involve sharing the results and benefits of WRI-supported research with the community.

We offer travel funding to Water Resources Institute supported graduate students from around Wisconsin who want to participate in any of the following Water Resources Institute outreach events. Students will get the opportunity to work with and learn from our outreach staff by experiencing first hand how the Water Resources Institute approaches outreach. You will also get the chance to interact with different audiences and learn to communicate your work in ways that are accessible to them.

Please write to Jen Hauxwell at if you are interested in participating in any of our outreach events or want details on available funding.

Actionable science student opportunities at the University of Wisconsin-Madison

Universities provide a multitude of options for students to participate in programs, events or activities related to actionable science and community engagement. If interested in improving your ability to communicate with various audiences and begin to engage stakeholders in your research, please consider involvement with one or more of these programs. Here are some of the opportunities for students at UW-Madison:

1) The Wisconsin Idea STEM Fellows: Portal to the public at the University of Wisconsin- Madison
2) The Delta Program
3) Science Outreach on Campus
4) WISCIENCE: Wisconsin Institute for Science Education and Community Engagement
5) The Network: Wisconsin Collaborative Education Network
6) Morgridge Center for Public Service: Bridging Campus and Community Through Service and Learning
7) Morgridge Institute for Research
8) Wisconsin Alumni Association: Wednesday night @ the lab

Actionable science student opportunities at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee

Graduate students at UW-Milwaukee’s School of Freshwater Sciences that are interested in participating in outreach activities can contact Liz Sutton, Manager of the Outreach Program, at, for information on upcoming events.

Some examples of outreach events are:

  • The Lake Sturgeon Bowl is an academic tournament for high school students coordinated by the UWM School of Freshwater Sciences. Graduate students can get involved by mentoring students, volunteering at the event, or by acting as officials or judges.
  • Graduate students can also mentor high school students that participate in the ROV competition.
  • Graduate students can help organize booths and exhibits at science museums, elementary and middle schools.
  • Graduate students are sometimes invited to speak to community groups on a variety of topics.
  • There is potential for graduate students to assist in the development and teaching of an outreach curriculum at some school districts.

Note: Similar pages for other Wisconsin Universities and Colleges are being developed.