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The Wisconsin Groundwater Coordinating Council (GCC) was established by Wisconsin’s Groundwater Law of 1984, and is made up of representatives of state agencies with groundwater protection responsibilities and state funding allocations. These agencies include the University of Wisconsin System (UWS) and the departments of Natural Resources, Safety & Professional Services, and Agriculture, Trade, & Consumer Protection.

The GCC provides consistency and coordination among multiple state programs in funding groundwater monitoring and research. To better target groundwater research funding, these state programs agreed to establish the Wisconsin Groundwater Research and Monitoring Program (WGRMP), which features an annual joint solicitation to identify needs and priorities of the various agencies, facilitate proposal writing for researchers, streamline the review process for agency funding decisions, curtail duplication across agencies and researchers, improve coordination among agencies and researchers, and enhance communication among the agencies and investigators. Collectively, since its inception, the WGRMP has resulted in funding for over 400 groundwater research and monitoring projects, helping to establish Wisconsin as an international leader in groundwater research.

WRI funds a significant portion of the projects submitted to the WGRMP with UWS funding. In addition, WRI plays a lead role in coordinating the WGRMP joint solicitation – a rigorous review process – and project reporting and in making all technical reports available through our institute’s library and website.

This page contains the repository for WGRMP projects funded by various state programs. Many projects included in the repository also contain links to or PDFs of project reports and associated publications.

Year Funding Agency
Title & Investigators(s) Year Project # Funding Agency Summary File Final Report
Assessment of Pesticide Contamination in Suburban Drinking Water Wells in Southeastern Wisconsin
PI(s): Yin Wang, Shangping Xu
2019 DATCP 2019-1 DATCP N/A Final Report
Integrative Monitoring of Neonicotinoid Insecticides in Baseflow-Dominated Streams on the Wisconsin Central Sand Plain
PI(s): William M. DeVita, Paul McGinley
2020 DATCP 2020-1 DATCP N/A Final Report
Sublethal Effects of Chronic Exposure to Neonicotinoid Pesticides on Aquatic Organisms
PI(s): Tisha King-Heiden, Elisabeth Harrahy
2020 DATCP 2020-2 DATCP N/A Final Report
Aerial Thermal Imaging Applied to Wisconsin’s Groundwater, Springs, Thin Soils, and Slopes
PI(s): David J. Hart, J. Elmo Rawling III, Susan K. Swanson
2020 DATCP 2020-3 UWS, DATCP N/A Final Report
Neonicotinoid contaminants in Wisconsin groundwater: relationships to landscape cropping systems
PI(s): Russell Groves, David Hart, Michael Parsen, Benjamin Bradford, William Fitzpatrick
2020 DATCP 2021-1 DATCP N/A Final Report
Advancing the Use of Nitrate and Neonicotinoids Findings to Inform Groundwater Protection and Improvement Strategies
PI(s): Michael J. Parsen, Jennifer L. McNelly, Carla R. Romano, Nathan D. Sandwick, Kenneth R. Bradbury, Lynn Markham
2022 DATCP 2022-1 DATCP N/A Final Report
Geophysics-informed Transport and Shallow Bedrock Topography in NE and SC Wisconsin Counties
PI(s): Dante Fratta, David Hart, Michael Cardiff, Francisco Arriaga, Jingyi Huang
2020 DATCP2021-2 DNR, DATCP N/A
Assessment of the source and mobility of phosphorus in the hydrologic system in western Wisconsin
PI(s): Sarah Vitale, Brian J. Mahoney
2020 DNR- UWS, DNR Coming Soon Coming Soon
Impact of solar farms on groundwater recharge
PI(s): Steve Loheide
2024 DNR- DNR
The role of water table fluctuations on PFAS mobility in groundwater
PI(s): Christopher Zahasky
2024 DNR- DNR
Evaluation of the potential for arsenic release in two cones of depression in northeastern Wisconsin
PI(s): Erin Berns-Herrboldt
2024 DNR- DNR
Characterization of disperse PFAS sources to groundwater using targeted and non-targeted analyses
PI(s): Christina Remucal, Martin Shafer
2023 DNR- DNR
Characterization of PFAS leachability from metal shredder residue
PI(s): Andrea Hicks
2023 DNR- DNR
A Simple Stochastic Model Predicting Conservative Mass Transport Through the Unsaturated Zone Into Groundwater
PI(s): John A. Hoopes, John A. Brasino
1985 DNR-001 DNR Final Report from UW Digital Collections
Groundwater Monitoring Project for Pesticides
PI(s): Jeffrey K. Postle, Kevin Brey
1985 DNR-002 DNR Final Report from UW Digital Collections
Fate of Aldicarb Residues in a Groundwater Basin Near Plover, Wisconsin
PI(s): George J. Kraft
1985 DNR-003 DNR MINDS at UW full text report
Volatile Organic Compounds in Groundwater and Leachate at Wisconsin Landfills
PI(s): Marci A. Friedman
1985 DNR-004a DNR Final Report from UW Digital Collections
VOC Contamination at Selected Wisconsin Landfills - Sampling Results and Policy Implications
PI(s): Janet R. Battista
1987 DNR-004b DNR Final Report from UW Digital Collections
Volatile Organic Compounds in Small Community Wastewater Disposal Systems Using Soil Absorption
PI(s): William C. Boyle, William C. Sonzogni, James C. Converse, John A. Hoopes, James O. Peterson, Jerry E. Tyler, Bruce A. Greer
1985 DNR-005 DNR Final Report from UW Digital Collections
The Use of Groundwater Models to Predict Groundwater Mounding Beneath Proposed Groundwater Gradient Control Systems for Sanitary Landfill Designs
PI(s): John A. Hoopes, Kathleen O. Slane
1985 DNR-006 DNR N/A
Evaluation Techniques for Groundwater Transport Models
PI(s): John A. Hoopes, Howard Trussell
1985 DNR-007 DNR N/A
West Bend Area Road Salt Study
PI(s): Marianna Sucht
1985 DNR-008 DNR Final Report from UW Digital Collections
Barnyard Management Practices: Effect on Movement of Nitrogen Through Soils and Impact on Groundwater Quality
PI(s): Byron Shaw, Michael J. Travis, Bryan D. Bowen, Bob Wilson, Tim Victor, Dave Jelinski
1990 DNR-009 DNR Final Report from UW Digital Collections
The Prediction of Nitrate Contamination Potential Using Known Hydrogeologic Properties
PI(s): Douglas S. Cherkauer, Cynthia L.W. Cruciani
1985 DNR-010 DNR Final
Nitrate Contamination in West-Central Wisconsin with Emphasis on Mil.l Run First Edition Subdivision
PI(s): John R. Tinker
1986 DNR-011 DNR Final
Investigation of Hydrogeology and Groundwater Geochemistry in the Shallow Fractured Dolomite Aquifier in Door County, Wisconsin
PI(s): Kenneth R. Bradbury, Maureen A. Muldoon, Margaret C. Blanchard
1985 DNR-012 DNR Final
Lead Migration from Contaminated Sites - Door County, Wisconsin
PI(s): James J. Wiersma, Ronald D. Stieglitz
1986 DNR-013 DNR Final
Graphical and Statistical Methods to Assess the Effect of Landfills on Groundwater Quality
PI(s): Kenneth Potter, Iris Goodman
1985 DNR-014a DNR Final
Methods for Determining Compliance with Groundwater Quality Regulations at Waste Disposal Facilities
PI(s): Kenneth Potter, Sarah R. Fisher
1987 DNR-014b DNR Final
Groundwater Quality Monitoring - Long Term Effects of Intensive Farming and Sprinkler Irrigation on Groundwater Quality
PI(s): Phil Kammerer
1985 DNR-015 DNR N/A
The Effect of Construction, Installationand Development Techniques on the performance of Monitoring Wells in Fine- Grained Glacial Tills
PI(s): Douglas S. Cherkauer, Carl D. Palmer, Duane G. Paul
1985 DNR-016 DNR Final
Field Investigation of Groundwater Impacts from Absorption Pond Systems Used for Wastewater Disposal
PI(s): John A. Hoopes, Laurie Parsons
1985 DNR-017a DNR Final
A Case Study of Nitrogen Transformation at a Rapid Infiltration System Used for the Disposal of Food Processing Wastewater
PI(s): William C. Boyle, John A. Hoopes, John Niewoehner
1985 DNR-017b DNR N/A
The Occurrence of Volatile Organic Compounds in Wastewater, Sludges and Groundwater at Selected Wastewater Treatment Plants in Wisconsin
PI(s): Carolyn Hunger, John Melby
1985 DNR-018 DNR Final
Fate and Mobility of Radium-226 in Municipal Wastewater Sludge Following Agricultural Landspreading
PI(s): Thomas L. Portle, Carolyn Hunger
1985 DNR-019 DNR Final
Filtration Preservation Study of Groundwater Samples
PI(s): David Sauer, John Schwalbe
1985 DNR-021a DNR Final
Groundwater Survey of Bacterial Contamination Near Rapid Infiltration Wastewater Treatment System
PI(s): Chris Norenberg, Jon Standridge
1986 DNR-021b DNR Final
Hydrogeology of the Wisconsin River Valley in Marathon County, Wisconsin
PI(s): Kenneth R. Bradbury, Eloise Kendy
1985 DNR-022 DNR Final
Treatment of Cheese Processing Wastewater by Ridge and Furrow Disposal - Nitrogen Transformations
PI(s): William Boyle, Frederic J. Doran
1985 DNR-023 DNR Final
Environmental Investigation of the City of Two Rivers Landfills, Manitowoc County, Wisconsin
PI(s): Thomas P. Van Biersel, Michael R. Noel
1985 DNR-024 DNR Final
Hydrogeologic Investigation and Groundwater Quality Assessment (Havenswood Landfill)
PI(s): Pratap N. Singh, Anthony R. Pawloski
1986 DNR-028 DNR Final
Groundwater Quality and Laundromat Wastewater: Summit Lake, Wisconsin
PI(s): Jack G. Saltes, Ed Kruel
1985 DNR-029 DNR Final
Flambeau Paper Sulfite Lagoon Site Contamination Study
PI(s): William Lantz, Dan Detroit
1986 DNR-030 DNR Final
Monitoring of Volatile Organic Compounds in Tomah, Wisconsin
PI(s): Charles J. Krohn
1985 DNR-031a DNR Final
Hydrogeological Investigation of VOC Contaminated Private Wells Near Hudson, Wisconsin
PI(s): Jim Anklam, William J. Evans
1985 DNR-031b DNR Final
Sealing Characteristics of Sodium Bentonite Slurries for Water Wells
PI(s): Tuncer Edil, Michael M.K. Chang, AhMad. S.H. Mahanna, L.T. Lan
1987 DNR-034 DNR Final
Barron County Nitrate Study
PI(s): Dave Hanson, William Mckinley
1985 DNR-037 DNR Final
Mutagenic Effects of Selected Toxicants Found in Wisconsin's Groundwater
PI(s): Lorraine F. Meisner, David A. Belluck, Boyd Roloff
1987 DNR-038 DNR Final
Downward Movement of Water Below Barnyard Grass Filter Strips - Case Studies
PI(s): Gary D. Bubenzer, James C. Converse, John W. Patoch
1986 DNR-039 DNR Final
1987 Volatile Organic Compound Testing Project in Rock County, Wisconsin
PI(s): David Holman
1986 DNR-040 DNR Final
Volatile Organic Compound Contamination of Private Water Supplies Adjacent to Abandoned Landfills in Marathon County
PI(s): Thomas Witthopf
1985 DNR-041 DNR Final
Investigation of Large Scale Subsurface Soil Absorption Systems
PI(s): Daniel Peerenboom
1986 DNR-042 DNR Final
Characterization of Groundwater Impacts at an Above Ground Petroleum Storage Terminal
PI(s): Gregory T. Becker, Robert K. Ham
1986 DNR-043 DNR Final
Lead Contamination Study of Door County
PI(s): Rick Stoll
1987 DNR-044 DNR Final
Analytical Determination of Atrazine Alachlor and Their Selected Degradation Products in Contaminated Groundwater: Implication for Wisconsin Groundwater
PI(s): William Sonzogni, Deborah DeLuca
1987 DNR-047 DNR Final
Plover Area Nitrate Study
PI(s): Fred Bailey
1986 DNR-048 DNR Final
Assessment of Geologic Controls on Groundwater Flow and Distribution in Precambrian Bedrock, Central Wisconsin, Using Remote Sensing and Geophysical Analysis
PI(s): Donald Davidson, Bruce A. Brown
1987 DNR-049 DNR Final
A Ground Penetrating Radar Study of Water Table Elevation in a Portion of Wisconsin's Central Sand Plain
PI(s): Mary P. Anderson, Charles R. Bentley, Geoffrey C. Bohling
1987 DNR-050 DNR Final
Mineralogical and Geophysical Monitoring Naturally Occurring Radioactive Elements in Selected Wisconsin Aquifers
PI(s): Robert W. Taylor, Gregory Mursky
1987 DNR-051 DNR Final
Degradation of Atrazine, Alachlor, Metolachlor in Soils and Aquifer Materials
PI(s): Gordon Chesters, Geronimo V. Simsiman, Riyadh Fathulla, Bashar J. Alhajjar, Robin F. Harris, John M. Harkin, Jonathan Levy
1987 DNR-052 DNR Final
Evaluation of the Effect of Stormwater Disposal on Groundwater
PI(s): Byron Shaw, Gerald Nienke, James Berndt
1987 DNR-053 DNR Final
Radionuclides in Drinking Water of North central Wisconsin
PI(s): Chuck Fitzgerald, Bill Dobbins
1987 DNR-054 DNR Final
Pesticide Migration Study
PI(s): Byron Shaw, Mike Heitman
1988 DNR-055 DNR Final
Research and Data Analysis of Groundwater Contamination from Municipal Rapid Infiltration Land Disposal Systems
PI(s): William C. Boyle, John A. Hoopes, Kenneth W. Potter, John Schwalbe
1986 DNR-056 DNR Final
Digital Simulation of Solute Transport to Green Bay and Lake Michigan by Groundwater from Door County, Wisconsin
PI(s): Douglas S. Cherkauer, Peter McKereghan, Linda Schalch
1987 DNR-057 DNR N/A
Grade A Dairy Farm Water Well Quality Survey
PI(s): Gary LeMasters, Douglas J. Doyle
1988 DNR-058 DNR Final
Demo of low input strategies for potato/vegetable production in irrigated sands
PI(s): Byron Shaw, David Curwen, George Kraft, Thomas Osborne
1988 DNR-059 DNR Final
Groundwater Quality Investigation of Selected Townships in Jefferson County, Wisconsin
PI(s): Fred Madison, Andrea Kenter
1988 DNR-060 DNR Final
Effects of Volatile Organic Compoundson clay landfill liner performance
PI(s): Tuncer Edil, Paul Berthouex, Jae Kwong Park, Linda Sandstrom
1988 DNR-061 DNR Final
Effect of Soil Type on Atrazine and Alachlor Movement Through Unsaturated Zone
PI(s): Tommy Daniel, Rick Wiestersen, Kevin Fermanich
1988 DNR-062 DNR, DATCP Final
Designs for wellhead protection in Central Wisconsin
PI(s): Thomas Osborne, Jennifer L. Sorenson, Mark R. Knaak, David J. Mechenich
1988 DNR-063 DNR Final
Atrazine Contamination of Groundwater in Dane County, Wisconsin
PI(s): Kenneth Bradbury, Robert McGrath
1989 DNR-064 DNR, DATCP Final
Sources and Extent of Atrazine Contamination of Groundwater at a Grade A Dairy Farm in Dane County, Wisconsin
PI(s): Gordon Chesters, Jonahan Levy
1989 DNR-065 UWS, DNR, DATCP Final
Effect of Soil Type, Selected Best Management Practices, and Tillage on Atrazine and Alachlor Movement through the Unsaturated Zone
PI(s): Birl Lowery, Kevin McSweeney, Kevin Fermanich, Gary Hart, Dong Wang, Cathy Seybold
1990 DNR-066 DNR Final
Subdivision impacts on groundwater quality
PI(s): Byron Shaw, Peter Ameson, William VanRyswyk
1988 DNR-067 DNR Final
Incorporation of County Groundwater Inventory Data into the DNR Groundwater Information Network (GIN)
PI(s): Bohn
1989 DNR-068 DNR N/A N/A
DNR and DATCP Rural Well Survey
PI(s): LeMasters
1989 DNR-069 DNR N/A N/A
Follow Up to the Grade A Dairy Farm Well Water Quality Survey
PI(s): Susan E. Cowell, Gary LeMasters
1989 DNR-070 DNR Final
Optimum Manure Application Rate -Corn Fertility Management and Nitrate Leaching to Groundwater in Sandy Soils
PI(s): Byron Shaw, Paul Trapp
1988 DNR-071 DNR Final
Report on Bacteriological Water Quality Monitoring of Door County Variance and Special Casing Approval Wells
PI(s): Keith Hutchinson, Bruce Urben, Sue Beaumier
1989 DNR-072 DNR Final
Volatile Organic Compound Attenuation in Unsaturated Soil Above and Below an On-site Wastewater Infiltration System
PI(s): E. Jerry Tyler, James O. Peterson, Patricia Sauer
1989 DNR-073 DNR MINDS at UW full text report
Variation in Hydraulic Conductivity in Sandy Glacial Till: Site Variation Versus Methodology
PI(s): Rayne, D. M. Mickelson, Bradbury
1989 DNR-074 DNR Final
A Field Evaluation of Drainage Ditches as Barriers to Contaminant Migration
PI(s): Jean Bahr, Lucy W. Chambers
1989 DNR-075 DNR Final
Nitrogen Isotope Monitoring at Unsewered Subdivisions
PI(s): John Tinker
1989 DNR-076 DNR Final
Analytical Determination of Pesticide Metabolites and Carrier Chemicals in Wisconsin Wells
PI(s): William C. Sonzogni, Michael Eldan, J. Robert Lawrence
1989 DNR-077 DNR Final
Drinking Water and Groundwater Quality in the Lower Wisconsin River Valley
PI(s): Kim Cates, Fred Madison, Jeff Postle
1990 DNR-078 DNR Final Report from UW Digital Collections
Waupaca County groundwater project: Towns of St. Lawrence and Little Wolf
PI(s): Tom Wilson, Greg Blonde
1990 DNR-079a DNR Final
Waupaca County: Towns of Lebanon and Scandinavia
PI(s): Tom Wilson, Greg Blonde
1991 DNR-079b DNR Final
Crop Rotations Effects on Leaching Potential and Groundwater Quality
PI(s): J. L. Posner, G. D. Bubenzer, F. Madison
1990 DNR-080 DNR Final
A Study of the Response of Nitrate and Atrazine Concentrations in Groundwater from Agricultural use on a Sandy, Irrigated Corn Field in the Lower Wisconsin River Valley
PI(s): Kim Cates, Fred Madison
1990 DNR-081 DNR Final
A Comparative Study of Nitrate Loading to Groundwater from Mound, In-Ground Pressure and At-Grade Septic Systems
PI(s): Byron Shaw, Nancy Turyk
1990 DNR-082 DNR Final
The Biological Impact of Landfill Leachate on Nearby Surface Waters
PI(s): William Sonzogni, Jonathon Standridge, Steven Geis
1990 DNR-083 DNR Coming Soon
Dependence of aldicarb residue degradation rates on groundwater chemistry in the Wisconsin Central Sands
PI(s): George Kraft, Phil Helmke
1990 DNR-084 DNR N/A
Munipcal wastewater sanitary lagoon project
PI(s): Kopecky, Portle, Dunn
1990 DNR-085 DNR Final
Arsenic as a naturally elevated parameter in water supply wells in eastern Winnebago and Outagamie Counties
PI(s): Rick Stoll
1991 DNR-087 DNR N/A Final
Spatial attributes of the soil-landscape-groundwater system of the lower Wisconsin River Valley
PI(s): Kevin McSweeney, Fred Madison, John Attig, Michael Bohn, Paulette Falk
1991 DNR-088 DNR Final
Preliminary comparison of a discrete fracture model with a continuum model for groundwater movement in fractured dolomite
PI(s): Kenneth Bradbury, Maureen Muldoon
1991 DNR-089 DNR Final
Evaluation of NURE hydrogeochemical groundwater data for use in Wisconsin groundwater studies
PI(s): Kenneth Bradbury, Michael Mudrey, Kathy Shrawder
1991 DNR-090 DNR Final
Distribution of radionuclides in Wisconsin groundwater
PI(s): Kenneth Bradbury, Michael Mudrey
1991 DNR-091 DNR Final
Assessment of Wisconsin's Groundwater Monitoring Plan (GWM) Program for Active Non-Approved Landfills (1985- 1990)
PI(s): Laura Pugh, Barbara Gear
1991 DNR-092 DNR Final
GIS Mapping of Groundwater Contaminant Sources Quality and Contamination Susceptibility for Door County
PI(s): Richard Stoll, Mike Hronek
1991 DNR-093 DNR Final
Evaluation of denitrification systems for improving groundwater from on-site waste disposal systems
PI(s): Byron Shaw
1991 DNR-094 DNR N/A Final
Optimization of two recirculating sans filters for nitrogen and organic chemical removal from domestic wastewater
PI(s): Byron Shaw
1993 DNR-095 DNR N/A Final
Remediation of Soils Contaminated by Leaking Underground Storage Tanks by Vapor Extraction andin situ Bioremediation
PI(s): William Hickey, Kurt Jacobsen, Gary Bubenzer
1991 DNR-096 DNR Final
Municipal wastewater absorption pond renovation for enhanced nitrogen removal
PI(s): Thomas A. Gilbert, Bruce S. Oman
1991 DNR-097 DNR Final
Investigation of Potential Groundwater Impacts at Demolition Landfills and Deer Pits
PI(s): Savarsson, Fauble
1991 DNR-098a DNR Final
Investigation of potential groundwater impacts at yard waste sites
PI(s): Pugh, Connelly
1993 DNR-098b DNR Final
Dane County atrazine/lead management project
PI(s): Kevin Conners, Michael A. Bohn, Frederick W. Madison, Maureen Muldoon, Richardson
1991 DNR-099 DNR Final
Evaluation of Groundwater Susceptibility Assessment Systems in Dane County, Wisconsin
PI(s): Michael A. Bohn, Maureen Muldoon, Frederick W. Madison, Kenneth R. Bradbury, Alexander Zaporozec
1992 DNR-100 DNR Final
Tracer Study for Characterization of Groundwater Movement and Contaminant Transport in Fractured Dolomite
PI(s): Maureen Muldoon, Kenneth Bradbury
1992 DNR-101 DNR Final
Urban stormwater infiltration: Assessment and enhancement of pollutant removal
PI(s): David Armstrong
1992 DNR-102 DNR Final
Long-term Transformation and Fate of Nitrogen in Mound-type Soil Absorption Systems for Septic Tank Effluent
PI(s): John Harkin, Chen Peng Chen
1992 DNR-103 DNR Final
A further study of organics at municpal solid waste landfills
PI(s): Jack Connelly, Janet Batista
1992 DNR-104 DNR N/A
Integrated computerized mapping of point source contaminants and physical environmental characterisitics to protect and manage groundwater quality
PI(s): Rick Stoll
1993 DNR-105 DNR N/A Final
An investigation of field-filtering and low-field pumping when sampling for metals
PI(s): Jack Connelly, Charles Ostergren
1993 DNR-106 DNR Final
Groundwater Monitoring for Pesticides (continuation of project part 2)
PI(s): Jeff Postle
1993 DNR-107 DNR N/A Final
Groundwater hydrogeology of anagricultural watershed
PI(s): Ken Potter
1993 DNR-109 DNR, DATCP N/A Final
The further incidence of native arsenic ineastern Wisconsin water supply wells: Marinette, Oconto, Shawano and Brown Counties
PI(s): Rick Stoll
1993 DNR-110 DNR N/A Final
Factors affecting the determination of radon in groundwater
PI(s): William Sonzogni
1993 DNR-111 DNR Final
Groundwater Survey for Alachlor and ESA its Polar Metabolite in Southern Wisconsin
PI(s): James Vanden Brook
1993 DNR-112 DNR, DATCP Final
Application of a discrete fracture flow model for wellhead protection at Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin
PI(s): Ken Bradbury, Maureen Muldoon
1994 DNR-113 DNR N/A Final
A comparison of low flow pumping and bailing for VOC sampling
PI(s): Jack Connelly
1994 DNR-114 DNR Final
An evaluation of long-term trends and a mineralogical interpretation of naturally occurring metals contamination and acidification
PI(s): Annette Weissbach, Jennifer S. Pelczar
1994 DNR-115 DNR N/A MINDS at UW full text report
Agrichemical impacts to groundwater under irrigated vegetables in the Central Sand Plains
PI(s): George Kraft, Bryant Browne
1994 DNR-116 DNR N/A Final
Characterization of E. coli and total coliform organisms isolated from Wisconsin groundwater and reassessment of their public health significance
PI(s): William Sonzogni
1994 DNR-117 DNR N/A Final
Collection of hydraulic and geologic data to improve the quality of the Wiscosnin Groundwater Monitoring Network
PI(s): Alexander Zaporozec
1994 DNR-118 DNR N/A Final
Vertical and horizontal variability of hyrogeologic properties of glaciated landscapes
PI(s): David Mickelson
1994 DNR-119 DNR N/A Final
Direct and residual effects of land-applied sweet corn processing wastes on nitrate loss to groundwater
PI(s): Larry Bundy
1994 DNR-120 DNR N/A Final
Delineation of capture zones for municipal wells in Dane County, Wisconsin
PI(s): Ken Bradbury
1995 DNR-121 DNR N/A Final
Optimum management of groundwater resources in the Lower Fox River Valley
PI(s): Jim Krohelski
1995 DNR-122 DNR Final
Variability of nitrate loading and determination of monitoring frequency for a shallow sandy aquifer, Arena, Wisconsin
PI(s): Fred Madison
1995 DNR-123 DNR N/A Final
An Investigation of VOC Sampling techniques at Slowly Recovering Monitoring Wells
PI(s): Jack Connelly
1995 DNR-124 DNR N/A N/A
Evaluation of shallow-soil adsorption fields associated with on-site disposal systems
PI(s): Ron Stieglitz
1995 DNR-125 UWS, DNR, DATCP N/A Final
GIS as a tool to prioritize environmental releases, integrate their managaement and alleviate their public threat
PI(s): Richard Stoll
1995 DNR-126 DNR N/A Final
A study of well construction guidance for arsenic contamination in northeast Wisconsin
PI(s): Annette Weissbach
1996 DNR-127 DNR Final
Improved detection limits for groundwater monitoring
PI(s): William C. Sonzogni, Ron Arneson, Michael E. Zorn
1996 DNR-128 UWS, DNR N/A Final Report
Stratigraphic controls on distribution of hydraulic conductivity in carbonate aquifers
PI(s): Tony Simo
1996 DNR-129 DNR Final
Evaluation of the use of DUMPSTAT to detect the impact of landfills on groundwater quality
PI(s): Ken Potter
1996 DNR-130 DNR N/A Final
Nitrate-contaminated drinking water followback study
PI(s): Marty Kanarek
1996 DNR-131 DNR Final
Relationships between water quality instream base flow and private wells and land use in the Tomorrow/Waupaca watershed
PI(s): Byron Shaw
1997 DNR-132 DNR MINDS at UW-Stevens Point full text report
Northeast region public water supply location utilizing GIS and GPS
PI(s): Richard Stoll
1997 DNR-133 DNR N/A N/A
Characterization of the hydrostratigraphy of the deep sandstone aquifer in southeatern Wisconsin
PI(s): Timothy Eaton
1997 DNR-134 DNR N/A Final
Evaluation of geology and hydraulic performance of Wisconsin groundwater monitoring wells
PI(s): Alex Zaporozec
1997 DNR-135 DNR Final
Further evaluation of well seals using ultrasonic probes
PI(s): Tuncer Edil
1997 DNR-136 DNR Final
Groundwater-surface water interactions in the Nine Springs watershed
PI(s): Jean Bahr
1997 DNR-137 DNR Final
Preliminary Model Design And Literature Review For The Sandstone Aquifer System In Sourtheastern Wisconsin
PI(s): Daniel Feinstein, Timothy T. Eaton, Jim Krohelsjki, Kenneth R. Bradbury
1997 DNR-139 DNR Final
Acute and chronic toxicity of nitrate to brook trout Salvelinus fontinalis
PI(s): Ronald Crunkilton, Todd Johnson
1998 DNR-140 DNR Final
Maquoketa Shale as Radium Source for the Cambro-Ordovician Aquifer in Eastern Wisconsin
PI(s): Tim Grundl
1998 DNR-141 DNR Final
Mechanical controls on fracture development in carbonate aquifers: implications for groundwater flow systems
PI(s): Michele Cooke, Maureen A. Muldoon
1998 DNR-142 DNR N/A Final
Analysis of Microbiological and Geochemical Processes Controlling Biodegradation of Aromatic Hydrocarbons in Anaerobic Aquifers
PI(s): William J. Hickey, Jean M. Bahr, Madeline Schreiber, Michele Zwolinski, Peter Taglia
1998 DNR-143 DNR Final
Viral contamination of household wells near disposal sites for human excretia
PI(s): M. Borchardt, W. Sonzogni
1998 DNR-144 DNR Final
Pheasant Branch Groundwater Quality Study
PI(s): Randy Hunt, Jeff Steuer
1998 DNR-145 DNR N/A Final
A groundwater model for the Central Sands of Wisconsin: Assessing the environmental and economic impacts of irrigated agriculture
PI(s): Anderson, Bland, Kraft
1999 DNR-146 DNR, DATCP N/A Final
Remediating Groundwater Using Reactive Walls Containing Waste Foundry Sands
PI(s): Craig Benson
1999 DNR-147 UWS, DNR Final
Field Verification of Captures Zones for Municipal Wells at Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin
PI(s): Kenneth Bradbury, Rayne, Muldoon
1999 DNR-148 DNR, DATCP N/A Final
Improvement of Wisconsin groundwater monitoring network
PI(s): Alexander Zaporozec
1999 DNR-149 DNR N/A Final
Refinement of two methods for estimation of groundwater recharge rates
PI(s): Kenneth Bradbury, Mary Anderson, Kenneth Potter, Weston Dripps
1999 DNR-150 DNR Final
Evaluating options for changing groundwater and leachate monitoring requirements for landfills to reduce mercury used by laboratories
PI(s): Jack Connelly, Stephens, Shaw
1999 DNR-151 DNR Final
Geologic and geochemical controls on arsenic in groundwater in northeastern Wisconsin
PI(s): Madeline B. Gotkowitz
2000 DNR-152 DNR Final
VOC trend analysis of WI solid waste landfill monitoring data: A preliminary analysis of the natural attenuation process
PI(s): Jack Connelly
2000 DNR-153 DNR Final
Development of analytical methods for comprehensive chemical and physical speciation of arsenicals in groundwater
PI(s): Joseph Aldstadt
2000 DNR-154 DNR Final
New approaches to the assessment of microbes in groundwater: application to monitoring bioremediation and detection of pathogens
PI(s): Mary Lynne Collins
2000 DNR-155 DNR Final
An analysis of arsenic replacement wells to determine validity of current DNR well construction guidance
PI(s): Kelley O'Connor
2000 DNR-156 DNR Final
Verification and characterization of a fracture network within the Maquoketa shale confining unit, SE Wisconsin
PI(s): Eaton
2000 DNR-157 DNR Final
Public health impacts of arsenic contaminated drinking water
PI(s): Lynda Knobeloch
2000 DNR-158 DNR Final
A study of microbiological testing of well water quality in Door County and incidence of illness in humans
PI(s): Laurel Braatz
2000 DNR-159 DNR Final
An Improved Hydrogeologic Model for the Token Creek Watershed
PI(s): Jean Bahr, Laura Parent
1999 DNR-160 DNR Final
An Investigation of the Hydrogeological Conditions Responsible for Springs in a Glaciated Terrain
PI(s): Susan Swanson, Jean Bahr
1999 DNR-161 DNR N/A Final
Degradates of matolachlor and Acetochlor in Municipal and Private Water Supplies of Wisconsin
PI(s): Jim Vanden Brook
1999 DNR-162 DNR N/A Final
Arsenic in Groundwater in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin
PI(s): Madeline Gotkowitz
2000 DNR-163 DNR Final
Assessment of the Ability of Mound Sand (ASTM C-33) to Remove Micro- organisms in Column Experiments
PI(s): Jon Standridge, Jeremy Olstadt, William Sonzogni
2000 DNR-164 DNR N/A Final
Susceptibility of La Crosse municipal wells to enteric virus contamination from surface water contributions
PI(s): Randy Hunt, Mark Borchardt
2001 DNR-165 DNR Final Report from UW Digital Collections
Preservation and survival of E. coli in well water samples submitted for routine analyses
PI(s): William Sonzogni, Jonathan Standridge, Michelle Bussen
2001 DNR-166 DNR N/A Final
Development of a culture method for detection of Helicobacter pylori in groundwater
PI(s): William Sonzogni, Jon H. Standridge, Alan J. Degnan
2001 DNR-167 DNR N/A Final
Monitoring contaminant flux from a stormwater infiltration facility to groundwater
PI(s): Charles Dunning, Roger Bannerman
2001 DNR-168 DNR Final
Occurrence of antibiotics in wastewater effluents and their mobility in soils. A case study for Wisconsin
PI(s): K.G. Karthikeyan, William F. Beam
2001 DNR-169 DNR, DATCP Final
Delineation of High Salinity Conditions in the Cambro-Ordovician Aquifer of Eastern Wisconsin
PI(s): Tim Grundl, Lori Schmidt
2001 DNR-170 DNR Final
Nitrate loading history, fate, and origin for two WI groundwater basins
PI(s): Kraft, Browne, DeVita, Mechenich
2001 DNR-171 DNR N/A Final
Importance of disinfection on arsenic release from wells
PI(s): William C. Sonzogni, George Bowman, Jon Standridge, Alois Clary
2001 DNR-172 DNR Final
Time domain electromagnetic induction survey of the sandstone aquifer in the Lake Winnebago area
PI(s): Robert Taylor, John Jansen
2001 DNR-173 DNR Final
Arsenic Contamination in SoutheastWisconsin: Sources of Arsenic and Mechanisms of Arsenic Release
PI(s): Jean Bahr, Madeline Gotkowitz, Tara Root
2002 DNR-174 UWS, USGS, DNR Final
Evaluation of Enzyme Linked Immunosorbent Assay for Analysis of Di Amino Atrazine in Wisconsin Groundwater in Comparison to Chromatography
PI(s): John Strauss, William Sonzogni
2002 DNR-175 DNR Final
An Experimental and Mathematical Study of the Alpha-Particle Activity of Wisconsin Ground Waters with High Gross Alpha
PI(s): William C. Sonzogni, Michael F. Arndt, West
2002 DNR-176 DNR Final
Susceptibility of La Crosse municipal wells to enteric virus contamination from surface water contributions
PI(s): Randy Hunt, Mark Borchardt
2001 DNR-177 DNR N/A
Monitoring and predictive modeling of subdivision impacts on groundwater in Wisconsin
PI(s): Kenneth Bradbury, Jean Bahr
2003 DNR-178 DNR Final
Field and Laboratory Validation of Photoactivated Adsorption for Removal of Arsenic in Groundwaters
PI(s): Marc Anderson
2003 DNR-179 DNR Final
Development of a groundwater flow model for the Mukwonago River watershed, southeastern Wisconsin
PI(s): Jean Bahr
2003 DNR-180 DNR N/A Final
Groundwater Pollutant Transfer and Export in Northern Mississippi Loess Hills Watersheds
PI(s): George J. Kraft, Kevin Masarik, Bryant Browne
2003 DNR-181 DNR Final
Water Isotope Analyses of Community Wells in Support of EPA-funded Project: "Community-Randomized Intervention Trial with UV-disinfection for Estimating the Risk of Pediatric Illness from Municipal Groundwater Consumption"
PI(s): Mark Borchardt, Randy Hunt
2004 DNR-182 DNR N/A Final Report (submitted journal article)
Mapping and Characterization of Springs in Brown and Calumet Counties
PI(s): Kevin Fermanich, Ronald Stieglitz, Michael Zorn
2005 DNR-183 DNR Final Report from UW Digital Collections
Identification and characterization of springs in west-central Wisconsin
PI(s): K. R. Grote
2005 DNR-184 DNR N/A Final Report from UW Digital Collections
Assessing the Ecological Status and Vulnerability of Springs in Wisconsin
PI(s): David Zaber, Susan Swanson, Kenneth Bradbury, David Hart
2005 DNR-185 USGS, DNR Final Report from UW Digital Collections
A Survey of Baseflow for Groundwater Protection Areas Western Fox-Wolf Watershed
PI(s): George J. Kraft
2005 DNR-186 DNR Final Report from UW Digital Collections
Evaluating drinking-well vulnerability to viruses
PI(s): Randy J. Hunt, Mark A. Borchardt
2005 DNR-187 DNR N/A N/A
Disinfection of Enteric Viruses in Wisconsin Municipal Groundwater Systems
PI(s): Harrington, Mark Borchardt, Xagoraraki
2005 DNR-188 DNR N/A N/A
Groundwater Mounding and Contaminant Transport Beneath Stormwater Infiltration Basins
PI(s): Anita Thompson
2005 DNR-189 DNR Final Report from UW Digital Collections
Centralizing Access to Groundwater Information for Use in Comprehensive Planning
PI(s): Lynn Markham, Charles Dunning
2005 DNR-190 DNR Final Report from UW Digital Collections
Mechanisms of Groundwater Flow across Aquitards
PI(s): David Hart, Kenneth Bradbury, Daniel Feinstein, Basil Tikoff
2005 DNR-191 DNR Final Report from UW Digital Collections
Mineral transformation and release of arsenic to solution under the oxidizing conditions of well disinfection
PI(s): Madeline Gotkowitz, Eric Roden, Madeline Schreiber, Evgenya Shelobolina
2006 DNR-192 DNR Final Report from UW Digital Collections
Precambrian Basement Surface Estimation using Coupled 3D Modeling of Gravity and Aeromagnetic Data in Fond du Lac County and Southeastern, Wisconsin
PI(s): John Skalbeck
2006 DNR-193 DNR Final Report from UW Digital Collections
Groundwater recharge through a thick sequence of fine-grained sediment in the Fox River Valley, east-central Wisconsin
PI(s): Thomas Hooyer, David Hart, Kenneth Bradbury, David Mickelson
2006 DNR-194 DNR Final Report from UW Digital Collections
Use of Human and Bovine Adenovirus for Fecal Source Tracking
PI(s): Joel Pedersen, Katherine McMahon, Sharon Kluender
2006 DNR-195 DNR Final Report from UW Digital Collections
Knowledge Development for Groundwater Withdrawal Management around the Little Plover River
PI(s): Katherine Clancy, George Kraft
2006 DNR-196 DNR Final Report from UW Digital Collections
Assessment of virus presence and potential virus pathways in deep municipal wells
PI(s): Kenneth Bradbury, Madeline Gotkowitz, Mark A. Borchardt, Randall Hunt
2007 DNR-197 DNR Final Report from UW Digital Collections
Assessing Seasonal Variations in Recharge and Water Quality in the Silurian Aquifer in Areas with Thicker Soil Cover
PI(s): Maureen Muldoon, Kenneth Bradbury
2007 DNR-198 DNR Final Report from UW Digital Collections
Hydrostratigraphy and Groundwater Flow Model: Troy Valley Glacial Aquifer, Southern Waukesha Co., WI
PI(s): David Mickelson, Mary Anderson Anderson
AI(s): Kallina Dunkle
2007 DNR-199 DNR Final Report from UW Digital Collections
Investigating groundwater recharge to the Cambrian-Ordovician aquifer through fine-grained glacial deposits in the Fox River Valley, Wisconsin
PI(s): Thomas Hoyer, David Hart, David Mickelson, Kenneth Bradbury
2007 DNR-200 DNR N/A Final Report from UW Digital Collections
Water Balance Modeling for Irrigated and Natural Landscapes in Central Wisconsin
PI(s): Birl Lowery, William L. Bland
2007 DNR-201 DNR Final Report from UW Digital Collections
Understanding the Effects of Groundwater Pumping on Lake Levels
PI(s): George J. Kraft, David J. Mechenich
2007 DNR-202 DNR Final Report from UW Digital Collections
Assessing the Potential of Hormones from Agricultural Waste to Contaminate Groundwater
PI(s): Jocelyn Hemming, Landreman, Curtis Hedman
2007 DNR-203 DNR N/A Final Report from UW Digital Collections
Drawdown in the Northeast Groundwater Management Area (Brown, Outagamie, and Calumet Counties, WI)
PI(s): John Luczaj, David Hart
2008 DNR-204 DNR Final Report from UW Digital Collections
Human viruses as tracers of wastewater pathways into deep municipal wells
PI(s): Kenneth Bradbury, Mark Borchardt, Madeline Gotkowitz
2008 DNR-205 DNR N/A Final Report from UW Digital Collections
Development and Validation of a PCR-based Quantification Method for Rhodococcus coprophilus
PI(s): Sharon Long, Jamie Stietz
2008 DNR-206 DNR Final Report from UW Digital Collections
Opportunities for Reducing Water Use by Wisconsin Golf Courses
PI(s): Doug Soldat, J. Stier, John Stier
2010 DNR-207 DNR Final Report from UW Digital Collections
Information Support for Groundwater Management in the Wisconsin Central Sands 2009-2011
PI(s): George Kraft, David Mechenich
2010 DNR-208 DNR N/A Final Report from UW Digital Collections
Ecological Limits of Hydrologic Alteration in Wisconsin Streams
PI(s): Matthew Diebel, Jana Stewart
2011 DNR-209 DNR N/A Final Report from UW Digital Collections
Validation of a qPCR Assay for E. coli in Drinking and Recreational Waters
PI(s): S. Long
2011 DNR-210 DNR Coming Soon Coming Soon
Evaluation of manure and N fertilizer management strategies for corn to minimize nitrate loss
PI(s): C. Laboski
2012 DNR-211 DNR N/A Coming Soon
Selection and evaluation of chemical indicators for waste stream identification
PI(s): W. DeVita, Justin Hall
2012 DNR-212 DNR Final Report from UW Digital Collections
Information Support for Groundwater Management in the Wisconsin Central Sands, 2011-2013
PI(s): G. Kraft
2012 DNR-213 DNR N/A Final Report from UW Digital Collections
Subsurface fate and transport of cryptosporidium in soils of Wisconsin’s carbonate aquifer region
PI(s): K.J. Karthikeyan, Zachariah Zopp, Anita Thompson, Sharon Long, Frederick Madison
2012 DNR-214 DNR N/A Final Report from UW Digital Collections
Impacts of potato and maize management and climate change on groundwater recharge across the Central Sands
PI(s): Chris Kucharik, George Kraft, Steve Loheide
2012 DNR-215 DNR Final Report from UW Digital Collections
Using the New Rome Formation as a geologic weighing lysimeter for water management in Wisconsin’s sand plain
PI(s): David Hart, Kenneth Bradbury, Michael Parsen
2013 DNR-216 DNR N/A Final Report from UW Digital Collections
Impacts of a rural subdivision on groundwater: results of a decade of monitoring
PI(s): Kenneth Bradbury, Todd W. Rayne, Michael Parsen,
2013 DNR-217 DNR Final Report from UW Digital Collections
Characterizing the sources of elevated groundwater nitrate in Dane County, Wisconsin
PI(s): Cory McDonald, Richard Lathrop, Kenneth Bradbury, Michael Parson, Kristi Sorsa, Michael Kakuska
2013 DNR-218 DNR Final Report from UW Digital Collections
Evaluating Chemical Tracers in Suburban Groundwater as Indicators of Nitrate-Nitrogen Sources
PI(s): Paul M. McGinley, William M. DeVita, Amy Nitka
2013 DNR-219 DNR Final Report from UW Digital Collections
Design of a field-scale approach for evaluating nitrogen management practices impacts to groundwater
PI(s): Kevin Masarik
2014 DNR-220 DNR N/A Final Report from UW Digital Collections
Reducing human health risks from groundwater : estimating private well testing behaviors and barriers among private well owners in Wisconsin, 2015
PI(s): Kristen Malecki
2014 DNR-221 DNR N/A Final Report from UW Digital Collections
Meeting the Source Assessment Requirement under the RTCR: A Wisconsin Pilot Project
PI(s): Sharon C. Long
2014 DNR-222 DNR Final Report from UW Digital Collections
Information support for groundwater management in the Wisconsin Central Sands, 2013-2015
PI(s): George Kraft
2014 DNR-223 DNR Final Report from UW Digital Collections
An updated springs inventory for the State of Wisconsin
PI(s): Kenneth Bradbury, Susan Swanson
2014 DNR-224 DNR N/A Final Report from UW Digital Collections
Describing Connected Fracture Flow with Pressure Waves – Oscillating Flow Interference Testing
PI(s): Michael Cardiff
2015 DNR-225 DNR N/A Final Report from UW Digital Collections
Evaluation of Quantitative Real Time PCR (qPCR) for the Measurement of E. coli in Well Water Samples
PI(s): Greg Kleinheinz, Nilay Sheth
2015 DNR-226 DNR N/A Final Report from UW Digital Collections
Assessing Groundwater Quality in Kewaunee County, Wisconsin and Characterizing the Timing and Variability of Enteric Pathogen Contamination within the Dolomite Aquifer in Northeastern Wisconsin
PI(s): Mark A. Borchardt, Maureen A. Muldon, Randall J. Hunt, Davina E. Bonness, Aaron D. Firnstahl, Burney A. Kieke, David W. Owens, Susan K. Spencer
2016 DNR-227 DNR N/A Final Report from UW Digital Collections
Linking Groundwater and Climate to Understand Long-term Lake Level Fluctuations in Wisconsin
PI(s): Noah Lottig, Catherine L. Hein, Zhixuan Wu, Bob Smail, Eric Booth, Paul Jukem, Emily Stanley
2016 DNR-228 DNR Final Report from UW Digital Collections
Field verification of adenovirus assays for source tracking
PI(s): Sharon Long
2016 DNR-229 DNR N/A Final Report from UW Digital Collections
Evaluating the Effects of Septic System Density on Groundwater Quality in Southeastern Wisconsin
PI(s): James LaGro
AI(s): Bradley Vowels
2016 DNR-230 DNR N/A Final Report from UW Digital Collections
Information support for groundwater management in the Wisconsin Central Sands, 2016-2017
PI(s): George Kraft, Jeissca Haucke, David Mechenich
2016 DNR-231 DNR N/A Final Report from UW Digital Collections
Source Investigation of Nitrate Contamination for Private Wells in Eau Claire County
PI(s): Laura Suppes
2016 DNR-232 DNR N/A Final Report from UW Digital Collections
Quantifying Effects of Crop Rotation on Nitrate Loading using Lysimetry and Groundwater Monitoring Approaches
PI(s): Kevin Masarik
2018 DNR-233 DNR Coming Soon Coming Soon
Multi-Instrument Stream Surveys with Continuous Data for Better Groundwater/Surface Water Understanding in Wisconsin
PI(s): Catherine Christenson, Michael Cardiff, David J. Hart, Susan K. Swanson
2018 DNR-234 DNR N/A Final
Identification of Naturally Occurring Fluoride and Selected Metals in Northwestern Wisconsin Groundwater
PI(s): Kelsey Prihoda, Thomas Markee, Christine Polkinghorne, Kimberly Beesley
2019 DNR-235 DNR Final Report
Geographic, Hydrologic, and Geochemical Characterization of Ra Contaminated Groundwater in Wisconsin
PI(s): Madeleine Mathews, Sean R. Scott, Madeline B. Gotkowitz, Matthew Ginder-Vogel
2019 DNR-236 DNR N/A Final Report
Characterization of the Geology and Hydrogeology of the Rountree Formation in Southwestern Wisconsin
PI(s): Eric C. Carson, Maureen Muldoon
2020 DNR-237 DNR
Water Security in Armenia, WI: Modeling for Informed Decision Making in a Nitrate Impacted Watershed
PI(s): Michael Cardiff, Stephanie DeVries
2020 DNR-238 DNR
Investigation of PFAS adsorption by selected Wisconsin aquifer sediments
PI(s): Yin Wang, Shangping Xu
2021 DNR-239 DNR Final Report
Importance of Groundwater in Productions and Transport of Methylmercury in Lake Superior Tributaries
PI(s): R.W. Stoor, David Armstrong
2000 WR00R003 UWS, USGS
A Basin-Scale Denitrification Budget for a Nitrate Contaminated Wisconsin Aquifer: A Study at the Groundwater/Surface Water Interface
PI(s): Bryant Browne, George Kraft
2000 WR00R004 UWS, USGS
Removal of As(III) and As(V) in Contaminated Groundwater with Thin- Film Microporous Oxide Adsorbents
PI(s): Marc Anderson
2000 WR00R005 UWS, USGS
Remediation of Soil and Groundwater Using Effectively and Ineffectively Nodulated Alfalfa
PI(s): Nancy Turyk, Byron Shaw
2000 WR00R006 UWS
Effect of Clean and Polluted Groundwater on Daphnia Reproduction and Development
PI(s): Stanley Dodson
2000 WR00R007 UWS
The Spatial and Temporal Variability of Groundwater Recharge
PI(s): Weston Dripps, Mary Anderson, Kenneth Potter
2000 WR00R008 UWS
Pesticide and nitrate leaching in soils receiving manure
PI(s): Lowery, Arriaga, Stoltenberg
2000 WR00R010 DATCP N/A N/A
Screening of agricultural and lawn care pesticides for developmental toxicity using the mouse embryo assay
PI(s): Greenlee
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Groundwater Modeling: Semi-Analytical Approaches for Heterogeneity and Reaction Networks
PI(s): Lin Li, Gerald R. Eykholt, Craig H. Benson
2000 WR00R014 UWS
Effectiveness of phytoremediation and hydrogeologic response at an agricultural chemical facility in Bancroft, WI
PI(s): DeVita, Dawson
2000 WR00R016 DATCP N/A N/A
Evaluation of pathogen and nitrogen movement beneath on-site systems receiving domestic effluent from single pass sand filters
PI(s): Converse
2000 WR00R017 Dept. of Commerce N/A N/A
Field Evaluation of Rain Gardens as a Method for Enhancing Groundwater Recharge
PI(s): Kenneth Potter
2001 WR01R002 UWS, USGS
Investigation of Changing Hydrologic Conditions of the Coon Creek Watershed in the Driftless Area of Wisconsin
PI(s): Randy Hunt
2001 WR01R003 UWS
Groundwater-Lake Interaction: Response to Climate Change in Vilas County, Wisconsin
PI(s): Mary Anderson
2001 WR01R004 UWS
Impacts of Land Use and Groundwater Flow on the Temperature of Wisconsin Trout Streams
PI(s): Stephen Gaffield
2001 WR01R005 UWS
Impacts of Privately Sewered Subdivisions on Groundwater Quality in Dane County, Wisconsin
PI(s): Kenneth Bradbury
2001 WR01R006 UWS
Removal of Heavy Metals and Radionuclides from Soils Using Cationic Surfactant Flushing
PI(s): Christine Evans, Zhaohui Li
2001 WR01R007 UWS, USGS
Removal of Arsenic in Groundwater Using Novel Mesoporous Sorbent
PI(s): Jae Park
2001 WR01R008 UWS, USGS
Co-occurrence and Removal of Arsenic and Iron in Groundwater
PI(s): Paul McGinley
2001 WR01R009 UWS
Monitoring and Scaling of Water Quality in the Tomorrow-Waupaca Watershed
PI(s): Bryant Browne
2001 WR01R010 UWS
Microfabricated, Low-Power, Inorganic, Water Quality Sensor Based on Direct Current Argon Plasma Emission Spectroscopy
PI(s): Marc Anderson, Yogesh Gianchandani
2001 WR01R011 N/A N/A
Chloroacetanilide and atrazine residue penetration and accumulation in two Wisconsin groundwater basins
PI(s): DeVita, McGinley, Kraft
2001 WR01R011 DATCP N/A N/A
Agrochemical leaching from sub-optimal, optimal, and excessive manure- N fertilization of corn agroecosystems
PI(s): Norman, Brye
2001 WR01R018 DATCP N/A N/A
Monitoring the Effectiveness of Phytoremediation and Hydrogeologic Response at an Agricultural Chemical Facility
PI(s): Will DeVita
2002 WR02R001 UWS, USGS
Role of the Hyporheic Zone in Methylmercury Production and Transport to Lake Superior
PI(s): David Armstrong, Christopher Babiarz
2002 WR02R002 UWS, USGS
Arsenic Contamination in Southeast Wisconsin: Sources of Arsenic and Mechanisms of Arsenic Release
PI(s): Jean Bahr , Madeline Gotkowitz,
2002 WR02R003 UWS
F Test for Natural Attenuation in Groundwater: Application on Benzene
PI(s): Fe Evangelista
2002 WR02R004 UWS
Photocatalytic Adsorption Media and Processes for Enhanced Removal of Arsenic from Groundwaters
PI(s): Marc Anderson
2002 WR02R005 UWS
Determination of Aquitard and Crystalline Bedrock Depth Using Time Domain Electromagnetics
PI(s): David Alumbaugh, David Hart
2002 WR02R006 UWS, USGS
Design and Evaluation of Rain Gardens for Enhancement of Groundwater Recharge
PI(s): Kenneth Potter
2003 WR03R001 UWS, USGS N/A
A Combined Hydrogeologic/Geochemical Investigation of Groundwater Conditions in the Waukesha County Area, WI
PI(s): Timothy Grundl, Kenneth Bradbury, Daniel Feinstein, David Hart
2003 WR03R002 UWS, USGS
Coupled Modeling of Gravity and Aeromagnetic Data For Analysis of the Waukesha Fault, Southeastern Wisconsin
PI(s): John Skalbeck
2003 WR03R003 UWS
What happens when the confined Cambrian-Ordovician aquifer in SE Wisconsin is "dewatered"?
PI(s): Timothy Eaton
2003 WR03R004 UWS
An Assessment of Aquifer Storage Recovery for Selected Generic Hydrogeologic Settings in Wisconsin
PI(s): Mary Anderson
2003 WR03R005 UWS
Evaluation of Contamination of Groundwater around Landfills
PI(s): Tuncer Edil, Craig Benson, Jack Connelly
2003 WR03R006 UWS
Providing Communities with the Groundwater Information Needed for Comprehensive Planning
PI(s): Douglas Cherkauer
2003 WR03R007 UWS, USGS
Fate Of Representative Fluoroquinolone, Macrolide, Sulfonamide And Tetracycline Antibiotics In Subsurface Environments
PI(s): K.G. Karthikeyan, Joel Pedersen
2003 WR03R008 UWS
Combination of Surfactant Solubilization with Permanganate Oxidation for Groundwater Remediation
PI(s): Zhaohui Li
2003 WR03R009 UWS
The Role of Dissolved Organic Carbon in Aquatic Mercury Cycling
PI(s): James Hurley, Michael Tate, David Krabbenhoft
2003 WR03R010 UWS N/A N/A
Mercury Speciation along a Groundwater Flowpath
PI(s): David Armstrong, Christopher Babiarz
2004 WR04R001 UWS
Delineation of Flow Paths, Capture Zones and Source Areas, Allequash Basin, Vilas County, Wisconsin
PI(s): Mary Anderson
2004 WR04R002 UWS N/A
A Comparison of USEPA-Approved Enzyme-Based Total Coliform/E. coli Tests for Microbiological Groundwater Monitoring and Laboratory Consultation
PI(s): James Schauer, Jeremy Olstadt, Jon Standridge, Sharon Kluender
2004 WR04R003 UWS
Occurrence of Estrogenic Endocrine Disruptors in Groundwater
PI(s): William Sonzogni, Jocelyn Hemming, Miel Barman, Steven Geis
2004 WR04R004 UWS, USGS
Development of Tools to Address Groundwater in Comprehensive Planning
PI(s): Lynn Markham, Charles Dunning, Chin-Chun Tang
2004 WR04R005 UWS
Hydrostratigraphy of West-Central Wisconsin: A New Approach to Groundwater Management
PI(s): David LePain, Kenneth Bradbury
2004 WR04R006 UWS
Monitoring Environmental Effects at an Established Phytoremediation Site
PI(s): William DeVita, Mark Dawson
2004 WR04R007 UWS
Foundry Slag for Treating Arsenic in Groundwater and Drinking Water
PI(s): Craig Benson, David W. Blowes
2004 WR04R008 UWS, USGS
Groundwater Sustainability in a Humid Climate: Groundwater Pumping, Groundwater Consumption and Land Use Change
PI(s): Madeline Gotkowitz
2004 WR04R009 UWS N/A
Arsenic Species (III, V) Distribution in Wisconsin Groundwaters: Field Measurements and Prediction Using Multivariate Analysis of Geochemical Data Prediction Using Multivariate Analysis of Geochemical Data
PI(s): Martin Shafer, Kristie Ellickson, James Schauer
2005 WR05R001 UWS, USGS N/A
Measuring and Modeling Macroporous Soil Water and Solute Flux Below the Root Zone of a Plano Silt-Loam Soil
PI(s): Birl Lowery, John Norman, Brian Lepore
2005 WR05R002 UWS, USGS N/A
Nitrate and Pesticide Penetration into a Northern Mississippi Valley Loess Hills Aquifer
PI(s): George Kraft, Bryant Browne
2005 WR05R003 UWS, USGS N/A
Climate Signals in Groundwater and Surface Water System: Spectral Analysis of Hydrologic Processes
PI(s): Hector Bravo
2005 WR05R005 UWS N/A
Evaluation of On-Site Wastewater Treatment as a Source of Antibiotic Resistance Genes in Groundwater
PI(s): Katherine McMahon
2005 WR05R006 UWS N/A
Transient Functioning of a Groundwater Wetland Complex, Allequash basin, Wisconsin
PI(s): Mary Anderson
2005 WR05R007 UWS N/A
Validation of Transport of VOCs from Composite Liners
PI(s): Tuncer Edil, Craig Benson, Christopher Carlsen
2005 WR05R008 UWS N/A
Multi-Parameter, Remote Groundwater Monitoring with Referencing Using Crossed Optical Fiber Fluorescent Sensor Arrays
PI(s): Peter Geissinger
2006 WR06R001 UWS N/A
Enhanced Reductive Dechlorination of Chlorinated Aliphatic Hydrocarbons: Molecular and Biochemical Analyses
PI(s): William Hickey
2006 WR06R002 UWS, USGS N/A
Application of LSQR to Calibration of a Regional MODFLOW Model: Trout Lake Basin, Wisconsin
PI(s): Mary Anderson, Haijiang Zhang
2006 WR06R003 UWS N/A
Identifying High-Infiltration and Groundwater Recharge Areas
PI(s): Stephen Ventura, John Norman, Cynthia Stiles
2006 WR06R004 UWS N/A N/A
Effectiveness of Engineered Covers: From Modeling to Performance Monitoring
PI(s): Craig Benson
2006 WR06R005 UWS N/A
Protecting Wisconsins Buried Treasure: Celebrating the Results of 20 Years of Coordinated Groundwater Research and Monitoring
PI(s): Stephen Wittman, James Hurley
2007 WR07A001 UWS N/A N/A
Transport and Survival of Pathogenic Bacteria Associated With Dairy Manure in Soil and Groundwater
PI(s): Jin Li, Ching-Hong Yang
2007 WR07R001 UWS N/A
Is Phosphorus-Enriched Groundwater Entering Wisconsin Streams?
PI(s): George Kraft, Bryant Browne
2007 WR07R002 UWS N/A N/A
Occurrence and Generation of Nitrite in Ground and Surface Waters in an Agricultural Watershed
PI(s): Emily Stanley
2007 WR07R003 UWS, USGS N/A
Geochemical Characterization of Sulfide Mineralization in Eastern Wisconsin Carbonate Rocks
PI(s): John Luczaj, Michael McIntire
2007 WR07R004 UWS N/A
A Thermal Remote Sensing Tool for Mapping Spring and Diffuse Groundwater Discharge to Streams
PI(s): Steven Loheide
2007 WR07R005 UWS, USGS N/A
Monitoring Septic Effluent Transport and Attenuation using Geophysical Methods
PI(s): Dante Fratta, David Hart, Kevin Masarik
2007 WR07R006 UWS N/A
Influence of Wetland Hydrodynamics on Subsurface Microbial Redox Transformations of Nitrate and Iron
PI(s): Jean Bahr, Eric Roden
2007 WR07R007 UWS N/A
Controls on Methylation of Groundwater Hg(II) in Hyporheic Zones of Wetlands
PI(s): Martin Shafer, Christopher Babiarz, David Armstron, Eric Roden
2007 WR07R008 UWS N/A
Use of the 2009 Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance Survey to Assess the Safety of Private Drinking Water Supplies
PI(s): Lynda Knobeloch, Marty Kanarek
2008 WR08R001 UWS N/A
Combination of Co-Precipitation with Zeolite Filtration to Remove Arsenic from Contaminated Water
PI(s): Zhaohui Li
2008 WR08R002 UWS, USGS N/A
The Lethal and Sublethal Effects of Elevated Groundwater Nitrate Concentrations on Infaunal Invertebrates in the Central Sand Plains
PI(s): Robert Stelzer
2008 WR08R003 UWS N/A
Assessing Levels and Potential Health Effects of Endocrine Disrupting Chemicals in Groundwater Associated with Karst Areas in Northeast Wisconsin
PI(s): Angela Bauer-Dantoin, K. Fermanich, J. Zorn
2008 WR08R004 UWS N/A
The Transport, Fate and Cycling of Mercury in Watersheds and Air Sheds
PI(s): James Hurley, David Krabbenhoft
2008 WR08R005 UWS, USGS N/A N/A
From Sandbags to Sanity: Lessons from the Midwest Floods of 2008
PI(s): Donald Moynihan
2009 WR09R001 UWS, USGS N/A
Fecal Source Tracking Using Human and Bovine Adenovirus and Polyomaviruses
PI(s): Joel Pedersen, Katherine McMahon, Sharon Long
2009 WR09R002 UWS N/A
Predicting Mercury Methylation: Testing the Neutral Sulfide Speciation Model in a Groundwater-Dominated Wetland
PI(s): Martin Shafer
2009 WR09R003 UWS N/A N/A
Assessing the Effect of Pleistocene Glaciation on the Water Supply of Eastern Wisconsin
PI(s): Timothy Grundl
2009 WR09R004 UWS N/A
Forecasting Impacts of Extreme Precipitation Events on Wisconsin’s Groundwater Levels
PI(s): Madeline Gotkowitz
2009 WR09R005 UWS N/A
DTS as a Hydrostratigraphic Characterization Tool
PI(s): Jean Bahr, David Hart
2009 WR09R006 UWS N/A
Development of a User-Friendly Interface for Predicting Climate Change Induced Changes in Evapotranspiration
PI(s): Steven Loheide
2010 WR10R001 UWS N/A
Response of Ice Cover, Water Level and Thermal Structure Climate Change in Wisconsin Lakes
PI(s): Chin Wu
2010 WR10R002 USGS N/A
Groundwater Recharge Characteristics and Subsurface Nutrient Dynamics Under Alternate Biofuel Cropping Systems in Wisconsin
PI(s): Anita Thompson, K.G. Kathikeyan, Randall Jackson
2010 WR10R003 UWS N/A
Reducing Nitrate in Groundwater with Slow-Release Fertilizer
PI(s): Matthew Burke, Birl Lowery, Meghan Buckley
2010 WR10R004 UWS N/A
Groundwater Nitrate Processing in Deep Stream Sediments
PI(s): Robert Stelzer, Lynn Bartsch
2010 WR10R005 UWS N/A
Influence of Adsorbed Antibiotics on Water Quality and Soil Microbes
PI(s): Zhaohui Li, Maria MacWilliams
2010 WR10R006 UWS N/A
Transport of Manure-Derived, Tetracycline Resistant Escherichia Coli in Unsaturated Soil
PI(s): Shangping Xu
2010 WR10R007 UWS N/A
Simulating Lake Responses to Climate Change with a Mechanistic Water Quality Model
PI(s): Katherine McMahon
2011 WR11R001 UWS, USGS N/A N/A
Climate Change Impacts on Stream Temperature and Flow: Consequences for Great Lakes Fish Migrations
PI(s): Peter McIntyre
2011 WR11R002 UWS, USGS N/A
Uncertainty and Variability of Wisconsin Lakes in Response to Climate Change
PI(s): Chin Wu
2011 WR11R003 UWS, USGS N/A
Establishing Paleoclimate Records from Spring Tufa Deposits in the Driftless Area of Wisconsin
PI(s): Maureen Muldoon, Susan swanson
2011 WR11R004 UWS N/A
Preferential Flow Paths in Heterogeneous Glacially-Deposited Aquitards
PI(s): David Hart
2011 WR11R005 UWS N/A
The Effects of Particulate Organic Carbon Quantity and Quality on Denitrification of Groundwater Nitrate
PI(s): Robert Stelzer, J. Thad Scott, Lynn Bartsch
2011 WR11R006 UWS N/A
Silage Leachate: Waste Quality Assessment and Treatment
PI(s): Rebecca Larson, John Panuska
2011 WR11R007 UWS N/A
GLMRIS Water Quality Modeling
PI(s): Charles Melching
2011 WR11R008 UWS, USGS N/A N/A
Mercury and Methlymercury Levels in Water, Sediment and Biota - USGS Student Internship for Nicholas Ostroski
PI(s): Anders Andren
2012 WR12E001 UWS N/A N/A
Identifying the Controls on Flow and Contaminant Distribution in Siliciclastic Bedrock Aquifer Systems
PI(s): David J. Hart
2012 WR12R001 UWS N/A
Effects of Nuanced Changes in Lot Layout and Impervious Area Connectivity on Urban Recharge
PI(s): Steven Loheide
2012 WR12R002 UWS N/A
Transport of Manure-derived Escherichia coli within Naturally-Fractured Dolomite
PI(s): Shangping Xu
2012 WR12R003 UWS N/A
An evaluation of the distribution and sources of dissolved strontium in the groundwater of eastern Wisconsin, with a focus on Brown and Outagamie counties
PI(s): J. Luczaj, M. Zorn
2012 WR12R004 UWS N/A
Hexavalent Chromium (Cr(VI)) in WI Groundwater: Identifying Factors Controlling the Natural Concentration and Geochemical Cycling in a Diverse Set of Aquifers
PI(s): Patrick Gorski, Martin Shafer, James Hurley
2012 WR12R005 UWS N/A
Microbial community diversity as a predictor of virus survival in groundwater
PI(s): Katherine McMahon, Mark Borchardt
2013 WR13R001 UWS Coming Soon Coming Soon
Assessing the Effect of Riverbank Inducement on Groundwater Quality
PI(s): Timothy Grundl
2013 WR13R002 UWS Coming Soon
Establishing the long-term range of variability in drought conditions for Southwest Wisconsin
PI(s): Evan Larson
2013 WR13R003 UWS, USGS Coming Soon Coming Soon
Impacts of climatic and land use changes on streamflow and water quality in the Milwaukee River basin
PI(s): Woonsup Choi
2013 WR13R004 UWS, USGS Coming Soon Coming Soon
Assessment of Environmental Impacts of Geothermal Source Heat Exchangers
PI(s): Christopher Choi, James Tinjum, David J. Hart
2014 WR14R002 UWS N/A
Hydrologic Impacts of the Loss of Wisconsin's Winter on Surface Water - Groundwater Interactions
PI(s): Steven Loheide
2014 WR14R003 UWS N/A
Effect of Source Chemistry on Mn-Bearing Solid Dissolution and Reactivity in Municipal Water Systems
PI(s): Matthew Ginder-Vogel, Christina Remucal
2014 WR14R004 UWS, USGS N/A
Phosphorus and Arsenic Sensors for Real Time Environmental Monitoring
PI(s): Daniel Noguera, Marc Anderson
2015 WR15R001 UWS N/A
Long-term Alterations in Groundwater Chemistry Induced by Municipal Well Pumping
PI(s): Jean Bahr, Madeline Gotkowitz
2015 WR15R002 UWS, USGS N/A
Predicting the locations of nitrate removal hotspots at the groundwater-surface water interface in Wisconsin streams
PI(s): Robert Stelzer, J. Thad Scott
2015 WR15R003 UWS N/A
The Wonewoc and Tunnel City: A Potential Natural Source of Groundwater Contamination in Western & Central Wisconsin
PI(s): Jay Zambito, Michael Parsen, Patrick McLaughlin
2015 WR15R004 UWS N/A
Engaging Stakeholders to Improve the Use of Groundwater Flow Models for Decision Making
PI(s): Ken Genskow, Kenneth Bradbury
2015 WR15R005 UWS N/A Coming Soon
Anthropogenically Driven Changes to the Metagenome of a Shallow Groundwater and its Effect on Aquifer Reactivity
PI(s): Tim Grundl, Ryan Newton
2016 WR16R001 UWS N/A
Investigating the impact of nitrate-nitrogen contamination on uranium concentrations in Wisconsin groundwater
PI(s): Amy Nikita, Paul McGinley
2016 WR16R002 UWS N/A
Long-term Alterations in Groundwater Chemistry Induced by Municipal Well Pumping
PI(s): Jean Bahr, Madeline Gotkowitz
2016 WR16R004 Coming Soon Coming Soon
Detection of Sewage Contamination in Urban Areas of the Great Lakes
PI(s): Sandra McLellan, Steve Corsi
2016 WR16R005 UWS, USGS N/A Coming Soon
Geologic sources of radium to municipal wells in Wisconsin
PI(s): Matthew Ginder-Vogel, Madeline Gotkowitz
2016 WR16R006 UWS, USGS N/A
Linking Groundwater and Nutrients to Monitor Fen Ecosystems Using Airborne Imaging Spectroscopy
PI(s): Eric Booth, Steven Loheide, David Bart, Philip Townsend
2018 WR17R001 UWS, USGS N/A
Historic Changes in Groundwater Use by Trees in Wisconsin Due to High-capacity Groundwater Pumping and climate variability
PI(s): Steven Loheide
2018 WR17R002 UWS N/A
Mapping the Base of the Cambrian Aquifer through Geophysical Modeling of Precambrian Topography, Southern Wisconsin
PI(s): Esther Stewart, Madeline Gotkowitz
2018 WR17R003 UWS N/A
New Proxy-based Hydrological Reconstructions over the Past Five Centuries in Southwest Wisconsin
PI(s): Christopher Underwood, Evan Larson
2018 WR17R004 UWS, USGS Coming Soon Coming Soon
Improving Water and Nitrogen Use Efficiency Under Changing Weather Variability in the Central Sands
PI(s): Christopher J. Kucharik, Tracy Campbell
2019 WR18R001 UWS N/A Final Report
Dynamics of Arsenic Concentration and Speciation in Wisconsin Private Drinking Water Wells
PI(s): Shangping Xu, Yin Wang, Xiaopeng Min, Haiyan Yang, Evvan Plank
2019 WR18R002 UWS N/A Final Report
The Impact of Dissolved Organic Matter Composition on the Formation of Disinfection Byproducts in Groundwater
PI(s): Christina K. Remucal
2019 WR18R003 UWS N/A Final Report
Microbially-mediated oxidation of trace element-bearing sulfide minerals in sandstones of Trempealeau County, WI
PI(s): Eric Roden, Matthew Ginder-Vogel
AI(s): James Zambito, Lisa Haas
2020 WR19R001 UWS Coming Soon Coming Soon
Impact of changing snow cover and frozen ground regimes on groundwater recharge
PI(s): Steve Loheide
2020 WR19R005 UWS, USGS Coming Soon Coming Soon
Investigating in-season cover crops for reducing nitrate loss to groundwater below potatoes
PI(s): Kevin Masarik, Jacob Prater
2020 WR20R001 UWS
Valuing groundwater quality: A cost function analysis of Wisconsin water utilities
PI(s): James Price
2020 WR20R002 UWS
Correlating bedrock folds and fractures to arsenic detection in drinking water, southeast Wisconsin
PI(s): Eric Stewart, Esther Stewart
2020 WR20R004 UWS
Investigating sources of salinity associated with Ra and Sr in the Cambrian-Ordovician aquifer system of eastern WI
PI(s): Matthew Ginder-Vogel, Patrick Gorski
AI(s): Sean Scott
2020 WR20R005 UWS
Fate of groundwater phosphorus from septic systems near lakes
PI(s): Paul McGinley
2020 WR20R006 USGS
Measurement of bacterial transport and immobilization in variably saturated geologic materials of WI
PI(s): Christopher Zahasky, Eric Roden
AI(s): Vy Le
2021 WR21R001 UWS
Mass discharge of road salt via groundwater to surface waters in Southeastern Wisconsin
PI(s): Charles Paradis
AI(s): Laura Herrick, Cheryl Nenn, Timothy Wahl
2021 WR21R002 UWS
Data-driven Groundwater Depth and Risk Forecasting in the Central Sands Region of WI for Sustainable Management
PI(s): Jingyi Huang, Ankur Desai
2021 WR21R003 UWS
Assessment of biochar application to reduce nitrate leaching through agricultural vegetative treatment areas
PI(s): Joseph R Sanford
2021 WR21R004 UWS
Aligning the Wisconsin Idea on water: Interpreting public perspectives and values
PI(s): Michael Cardiff, Ken Genskow, Bret Shaw
2022 WR22R001 UWS N/A N/A
Biomanipulation of Groundwater Flooding
PI(s): Steven P. Loheide II, Kenneth Potter
2022 WR22R002 UWS N/A N/A
Long-term threat of geogenic contaminants to water quality and quantity in the Midwestern Cambrian Ordovician Aquifer System
PI(s): Matthew Ginder-Vogel
2023 WR23R001 UWS
An experimental investigation on the leaching of per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) from contaminated soil
PI(s): Shangping Xu, Yin Wang, Erin Berns-Herrboldt
2023 WR23R002 UWS
Risk from pathogens and exposure to antibiotic resistance genes in private wells in southwest WI
PI(s): Maureen Muldoon
AI(s): Tucker Burch, Joel Stokdyk, Joe Bonnell
2023 WR23R003 UWS
Prediction of organic chemical leachate concentrations from soil samples
PI(s): Jae Park
1990 WR90R004 UWS N/A
The economic effects of groundwater contamination on real estate
PI(s): H. Rabinowitz, G. W. Page
1990 WR90R005 UWS N/A Final
A tracer technique for measuring regional groundwater velocities from a single borehole
PI(s): Monkmeyer
1990 WR90R006 UWS N/A
Tracking contaminant pathways in groundwater using a geologically based computer code for outwash
PI(s): David Mickelson, Mary Anderson
1990 WR90R007 UWS N/A Final
Contamination Attenuation Indices for Sandy Soils: Tools for Information Transfer
PI(s): Kevin McSweeney, Fred Madison
1990 WR90R008 UWS
Facility plan amendment for wastewater collection for Green Lake Sanitary District, Green Lake, WI
1990 WR90R009 DIHLR N/A N/A
Nitrate Movement through the Unsaturated Zone of a Sandy Soil in the Lower Wisconsin River Valley
PI(s): B. Lowery, K. Fermanich, S. Grant, K. McSweeney, W. Kussow
1990 WR90R012 UWS N/A
Using ground penetrating radar to predict preferential solute movement and improve contaminant monitoring in sandy soils
PI(s): Kuing, Madison
1990 WR90R013 UWS N/A N/A
Design of a small scale transportable mixing/loading system
PI(s): Kammel
1990 WR90R016 DATCP N/A N/A
Near-source transport of contaminants in heterogeneous media
PI(s): John Hoopes
1990 WR90R017 UWS N/A
Bioremediation of Herbicide-Contaminated Soil and Water
PI(s): Robin F. Harris
1990 WR90R018 UWS Final
The Effects of Complex Mixtures of Chemicals in Leachates on the Transport of Pollutants in Groundwater
PI(s): T. Grundl, Cherkauer
1990 WR90R019 UWS N/A
Adsorptive Behavior of Atrazine and Alachlor in Organic­ Poor Sediments
PI(s): Grundl, Small
1990 WR90R020 UWS N/A
Chemical transport across a sediment-water interface
PI(s): Green
1990 WR90R021 UWS N/A N/A
Reactions of Chlorohydrocarbons on Clay Surfaces
PI(s): Fripiat
1990 WR90R023 UWS N/A N/A
In-situ Removal of Fe, Mn, and Ra from groundwater
PI(s): Christensen, Cherkauer
1990 WR90R024 UWS N/A
Renovation of Pesticide Contaminated Rinse Water
PI(s): Gordon Chesters, John Harkin
1990 WR90R025 UWS N/A Final
Evaluation of Potential Phytotoxicity and Crop Residues when Using Sprayer Rinsate as a Portion of the Diluent in Pesticide Spray Mixtures
PI(s): Binning
1990 WR90R027 UWS N/A N/A
On-site nitrogen removal systems research demonstration project: Phase 1
PI(s): Ayers and Associates
1990 WR90R028 UWS N/A N/A
Role of mobile colloids in the transport of chemical contaminants in groundwater
PI(s): Armstrong, Shafer
1990 WR90R029 UWS N/A Final
Integrated decision support for wellhead protection
PI(s): Adams, Benson
1990 WR90R030 UWS N/A
Estimating the Spatial Distribution of Groundwater Recharge Rates Using Hydrologic, Hydrogeologic and Geochemical Methods
PI(s): Kenneth Potter, Carl Bowser, Mary Ann Amman, Kenneth Bradbury
1991 WR91R006 UWS N/A
New approaches to measuring bioloic effects of groundwater contaminants
PI(s): Warren Porter
1991 WR91R007 UWS N/A N/A
Nitrogen removal from domestic wastewater in unsewered area
PI(s): Otis, Converse
1991 WR91R008 DIHLR N/A N/A
Herbicide and nitrate movement in a sandy soil aquaifer in the Lower Wisconsin River Valley
PI(s): Lowery, McSweeney
1991 WR91R010 UWS N/A
Living mulch systems for nitrate trapping in vegetable production
PI(s): Harrison
1991 WR91R012 UWS N/A N/A
Use of tire chips to attenuate VOC's
PI(s): Tuncer Edil, Jae Park
1991 WR91R014 UWS N/A Final
Distribution, Sources and Fate of Atrazine in a Sandy-Till Aquifer
PI(s): Gordon Chesters, Jonathan Levy
1991 WR91R016 UWS, DATCP Final
GIS for subsurface characterization
PI(s): Bosscher, Adams
1991 WR91R021 UWS N/A N/A
Effects of transient cross-stratification flow on contaminant dispersion
PI(s): Jean Bahr
1991 WR91R022 UWS N/A Final
Assessment of 1992 Wisconsin Atrazine Rule (Ag 30): Final Report
PI(s): Peter Nowak, Steven Wolf, Robert McCallister, Heather Hartley
1992 WR92R001 DATCP Final Report
Variability of Hydraulic Conductivity in Sandy Till: True Variation Versus Method
PI(s): David M. Mickelson, Kenneth R. Bradbury, T. W. Rayne
1992 WR92R002 UWS N/A Final Report
Field evaluation of near source transport of contaminants in heterogeneous media
PI(s): John Hoopes
1992 WR92R003 UWS N/A
Ultrasonic verification technique for evaluating well seals
PI(s): Tuncer Edil
1992 WR92R005 UWS N/A Final
Impact of tunnel dewatering on surface water bodies in Mil. County
PI(s): Douglas Cherkauer
1992 WR92R007 UWS N/A
Management of sweet corn processing to protect groundwater quality
PI(s): Larry Bundy
1992 WR92R008 UWS N/A
Trace metal transport affected by groundwater stream interactions
PI(s): Jean Bahr
1992 WR92R011 UWS N/A N/A
The use of peat as an absorbtive medium
PI(s): Jim Wiersma, Ron Stieglitz
1993 WR93R001 DATCP N/A N/A
Cover Crops to Limit Herbicide Use on Sweet Corn
PI(s): Astrid Newenhouse
1993 WR93R009 DATCP N/A
Leaching potential of Imazethapyr and nicosulfron in Sparta sand
PI(s): Birl Lowery
1993 WR93R010 DATCP N/A N/A
Comparative evaluation of biostimulation approaches for enhancing in situ TCE degradation in contaminated aquaifers
PI(s): William Hickey
1993 WR93R011 UWS N/A N/A
Using "PREDICT" to reduce herbicide usage and improve groundwater quality
PI(s): Harvey
1993 WR93R012 UWS N/A N/A
Stratigraphy, sedimentaology and porosity distribution of the Silurian rocks of Door County, Wisconsin
PI(s): Mark Harris
1993 WR93R013 UWS N/A N/A
Mineral Phase Sorption of Selected Agrichemicals to Wisconsin Soils
PI(s): Timothy J. Grundl, Greg Small
1993 WR93R014 UWS N/A N/A
Herbicide contamination of soil and groundwater at a mixing and loading site
PI(s): Gordon Chesters
1993 WR93R016 UWS, DATCP N/A N/A
Improved design of pump and treat systems for heterogeneous aquaifers
PI(s): Jean Bahr
1993 WR93R017 UWS N/A N/A
Photocatalytic degradation of volatile organic carbon
PI(s): Marc Anderson
1993 WR93R018 UWS N/A N/A
Evaluation of enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay (ELISA) for herbicide analysis of Wisconsin soils in comparison to gas chromatography
PI(s): William C. Sonzogni, John Strauss, Jon Standridge
1994 WR94R003 UWS N/A Final Report
Geologic constraints on arsenic in groundwater with applications to groundwater modeling
PI(s): Tony Simo
1994 WR94R005 UWS N/A
Development and demonstration of an accurate manure spreading system to protect water quality, improve waste management and farm profitability
PI(s): Shinners
1994 WR94R006 UWS N/A N/A
Synergistic effects of endocrine disrupters in drinking water
PI(s): Warren Porter
1994 WR94R007 UWS N/A N/A
Use of heavy nitrogen to study nitrate flux from septic systems
PI(s): John Harkin
1994 WR94R010 UWS, Dept. of Commerce N/A N/A
A low-input crop management plan for Wisconsin fresh-market vegetable growers
PI(s): Delahunt
1994 WR94R011 DATCP N/A N/A
Integration of hydraulics and geology into a hydrostratigraphic model for the Paleozoic Aquifer of eastern Dane County, Wisconsin
PI(s): Douglas Cherkauer
1994 WR94R013 UWS N/A N/A
Tracer study for characterization of groundwater movement and contaminant transport in fractured dolomite
PI(s): Kenneth Bradbury
1994 WR94R016 UWS N/A Final
Evaluating the effectiveness of landfill liners
PI(s): Craig Benson
1994 WR94R017 UWS N/A
An integrated approach to the management of insects in sweet corn grown for fresh market
PI(s): Wedberg
1995 WR95R000 UWS N/A N/A
The use of azimuthal resistivity and self potential measurements to delineate groundwater flow direction in fractured media
PI(s): Taylor
1995 WR95R001 UWS N/A N/A
Stratigraphic controls on the mobilization and transport of naturally- occurring arsenic in groundwater: Implication for wellhead protection
PI(s): Tony Simo
1995 WR95R004 UWS N/A Coming Soon
Land Use Effects on Groundwater and Streamwater Quality in the Little Plover River Watershed
PI(s): Byron Shaw, Philip Albertson
1995 WR95R005 DATCP N/A N/A
Groundwater recharge and contamination in Wisconsin's Driftless Area
PI(s): Ken Potter
1995 WR95R006 DATCP N/A N/A
Characterization of the role of evapotranspiration on groundwater movement and solute chemistry in groundwater-fed wetlands
PI(s): Ken Potter
1995 WR95R007 UWS N/A N/A
Biostimulation of trichloroethylene degradation in contaminated aquifers
PI(s): William Hickey
1995 WR95R010 UWS N/A
Iron-based abiotic destruction of chlorinated pesticides in groundwater
PI(s): Gerry Eykholt
1995 WR95R011 UWS N/A
Field Assessment of Monitoring and Water Supply Well Seals
PI(s): Tuncer B. Edil, J. S. Klima, Craig H. Benson
1995 WR95R012 UWS N/A Final Report
Responses of biological toxicity tests to mixtures of pesticides and metabolites
PI(s): Gordon Chesters
1995 WR95R013 UWS N/A N/A
Bioremediation of Hydrocarbons influenced by air sparging: A multi- model approach to assess contaminant mass removal
PI(s): Jean Bahr
1995 WR95R015 UWS N/A N/A
Determining compatibility between herbicide release and habitat for Karner Blue butterfly in red pine plantations
PI(s): Sucoff
1996 WR96R002 DATCP N/A N/A
Treatment of groundwater contaminated with chlorinated aliphatics using silicone tubing supported methanotrophic biofilm reactor
PI(s): Jae Park
1996 WR96R006 UWS N/A N/A
Fate of nicosulfron in Sparta sand
PI(s): Birl Lowery
1996 WR96R007 DATCP N/A N/A
Molecular techniques for detection and identification of sewage-borne human pathogens in soils
PI(s): William Hickey
1996 WR96R009 Dept. of Commerce N/A N/A
Stratigraphy, seidmentology and porosity distribution of the Silurian Aquifer of Ozaukee County, Wisconsin
PI(s): Mark Harris
1996 WR96R010 UWS N/A N/A
Experimental verification of models used to evaluate landfill liner effectiveness
PI(s): Tuncer Edil
1996 WR96R011 UWS N/A N/A
Groundwater bioremediation: Monitoring with MMO probes
PI(s): MLP Collins
1996 WR96R012 UWS N/A N/A
Development of a variable rate nitrogen application approach for corn
PI(s): Larry Bundy
1996 WR96R013 UWS N/A Coming Soon
Holding tank effluent and fecal-contaminated groundwater: sources of infectious diarrhea in central Wisconsin
PI(s): Mark Borchardt
1996 WR96R014 Dept. of Commerce N/A N/A
Groundwater protection by application of modern portfolio theory to microbiotesting strategies
PI(s): George Blondin
1996 WR96R015 UWS N/A N/A
In situ air sparging: Air plume characterization and removal effectiveness
PI(s): Craig Benson
1996 WR96R016 UWS N/A N/A
Hydrogeochemical and microbiological studies for enhanced groundwater bioremediation
PI(s): Jean Bahr
1996 WR96R017 UWS N/A
Improved estimation of groundwater recharge rates
PI(s): Mary Anderson
1996 WR96R018 UWS N/A N/A
Effects of Fosamine, Glyphosate, Picloram, Triclopyr, and Sodium Tetraborate on Reducing Aspen in Prairie Bush Clover Habitat
PI(s): Paul C. West
1997 WR97R002 DATCP N/A N/A
Impact of Ginseng Production on Groundwater Quality
PI(s): William DeVita, Byron Shaw
1997 WR97R004 DATCP N/A Coming Soon
The direct effect of agricultural chemicals on Wisconsin's declining and endangered amphibians
PI(s): William Karasov
1997 WR97R006 UWS, DATCP N/A Coming Soon
Investigation of air sparging: Numerical modeling, laboratory verification and design guidelines
PI(s): Hoopes
1997 WR97R007 UWS N/A N/A
Fate of metolachlor, alachlor and nitrate in granular iron/soil/ water systems
PI(s): Eykholt, Davenport, Wonsettler
1997 WR97R008 DATCP N/A N/A
Evaluation of exploration borehole seals using Time Domain Reflectomtery
PI(s): Tuncer Edil
1997 WR97R009 UWS N/A N/A
Controls on the Spatial Distribution of Ground-water Recharge in Washington County, Wisconsin
PI(s): Douglas S. Cherkauer
1997 WR97R012 UWS Final Report
Watershed-scale nitrate contamination and chlorofluorocarbon ages in the Little Plover Basin: A study at the groundwater/surface water interface
PI(s): Bryant Browne
1997 WR97R013 UWS N/A N/A
Assessment of impacts on groundwater/lake and wetland systems
PI(s): Mary Anderson
1997 WR97R016 UWS N/A N/A
Hydraulic Conductivity and Specific Storage of the Maquoketa Shale
PI(s): Timothy Eaton, David Hart, Kenneth Bradbury, Herbert Wang
1998 WR98R001 UWS N/A
Natural Attenuation of fuel and related groundwater contaminants - A measurement method
PI(s): William Sonzogni
1998 WR98R003 UWS N/A N/A
Water and land use: interpretation of existing data to foster constructive public dialog and policy formation
PI(s): Harry Read
1998 WR98R004 UWS N/A N/A
Using GIS and soil landscape models to predict critical sites for nonpoint source pollution
PI(s): Birl Lowery
1998 WR98R005 DATCP N/A N/A
Assessing and Reducing Leaching of Agricultural Chemicals on Silt Loam Soils under Different Farming Systems
PI(s): KJ Samuel Kung, Joshua Posner, Gary Bubenzer, John Hall
1998 WR98R006 DATCP N/A
Sedimentology, stratigraphy, and porosity-conductivity relations of the Silurian aquifer in Ozaukee County, Wisconsin
PI(s): Harris
1998 WR98R008 UWS N/A N/A
Monitoring: Evaluation of the Abundance, Diversity, and Activity of Methanotroph Populations in Groundwater
PI(s): Mary Lynne Perille Collins, Charles C. Remsen
1998 WR98R012 UWS
Groundwater Flow and Heat Transport in Wetlands: Transient Simulations and Frequency-Domain Analysis
PI(s): Hector Bravo
1998 WR98R013 UWS
A Rational Design Approach for Permeable Reactive Walls
PI(s): Craig Benson
WR98R015 N/A Coming Soon
On-line SFE/GC for Improved Detection of Trace Organic Pollutants in Ground Water Monitoring
PI(s): David E. Armstrong, Robert J. Noll
1998 WR98R016 UWS, DATCP
Field Monitoring of Drainage and Nitrate Leaching from Managed and Unmanaged Ecosystems
PI(s): John Norman
1999 WR99R001 UWS, USGS
Agrochemical Leaching From Sub-Optimal, Optimal, and Excessive Manure N Fertilization of Corn Agroecosystems
PI(s): John M. Norman
1999 WR99R001A DATCP
Compatibility of Containment Systems with Mine Waste Liquids.
PI(s): Tuncer B. Edil, Craig H. Benson, S. Basak Gulec
1999 WR99R002 UWS, USGS
Macropore Flow: A Means for Enhancing Groundwater Recharge or a Potential Source of Groundwater Contamination
PI(s): Kenneth Potter, Peter Bosscher
1999 WR99R003 UWS N/A N/A
Development of Neural Network Models for Predicting Nitrate Concentration in Well Water in the Tomorrow-Waupaca Watershed
PI(s): Hangshen Lin
1999 WR99R004 UWS N/A N/A
Causes of Historical Changes in Groundwater Recharge Rates in Southeastern Wisconsin
PI(s): Douglas Cherkauer
1999 WR99R005 UWS
Admicelle-Catalyzed Reductive Dechlorination of Perchloroethylene (PCE) by Zero Valent Iron
PI(s): Zhaohui Li
1999 WR99R007 UWS
Time Domain Electromagnetic Induction Survey Of Eastern Waukesha County And Selected Locations
PI(s): John Jansen, Robert Taylor
1999 WR99R016 UWS