Day of the Badger Returns April 16–17

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Day of the Badger Returns April 16–17

Wisconsin Sea Grant and Water Resources Institute staff wear their best Badger gear as they pose for a photo outside in the snow

Support water research, outreach and education tomorrow with Day of the Badger, an annual fundraising event to support UW–Madison!

The two-day campaign, which lasts precisely 1,848 minutes to honor the year of the university’s founding, invites alumni, students and friends of the university to donate to the programs of their choice. This year, we hope you’ll choose the University of Wisconsin Water Resources Institute and our sister organization, Wisconsin Sea Grant.

Wisconsin is a state rich with water, but those waters also face many challenges. To find solutions, the Water Resources Institute and Wisconsin Sea Grant are funding research on water quality and emerging contaminants like PFAS, helping coastal communities plan around flooding and bluff erosion, and inspiring the next generation of water professionals through paid, hands-on internship and fellowship opportunities. (You can read about many of those stories in the latest issue of the ASC Chronicle!)

If you believe in our mission, we welcome you to participate. Your gift will help us continue our ambitious and impactful research, outreach and educational efforts that—in keeping with the Wisconsin Idea—benefit the state as a whole.

If you’re eager to participate, you can give today. And don’t forget to follow us on social media as we celebrate the reasons why we love water for #DayOfTheBadger.