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The University of Wisconsin Water Resources Institute (WRI) is a multidisciplinary university system-wide program focusing on solutions to Wisconsin’s present and emerging water resources issues. This page is the place to connect with WRI in greater depth through news releases, stories, and video and audio podcasts about water research and researchers.


Poster Session Demonstrates Scope and Diversity of UW-Madison’s Water Explorations
Recent University of Wisconsin-Madison poster session highlights wealth of water research and outreach.  Read more...

Press Room Archive
The Press Room Archive displays our past Press Room posts. Read more...

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Media Contacts

Assistant Director for Communications
Moira Harrington
(608) 263-5371

Social Media Coordinator and
   Science Communicator

Aaron Conklin
(608) 262-6393

Science Writer and Videographer
John Karl
(608) 263-8621

Science Communicator
Marie Zhuikov

(715) 399-4084

Mercury Podcasts

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Though caring for our nation's waters continues to be an important public priority, the level of geoscience involved in this effort has become increasingly complex. This series features experts who explain in plain words the foundational ideas underlying the science of hydrology, while also taking the listener into the field to meet the researchers working on key water resource-related projects across Wisconsin. Read more...

Download Mercury Podcasts
Mercury is part of the natural world, present in sedimentary rock virtually all over the globe and all organisms are adapted to it. The difficulties arise when mercury’s concentration is increased. Our sister organization, Sea Grant, presents the entire series on a single handy page. Read more...

Aquatic Sciences Chronicle

Volume 3, 2017
WRI research on a specific Wisconsin wetlands habitat, a fen, is getting scrutiny to gauge the effects of water content due to nearby well draw down. That's just one story in Volume 3 of the quarterly newsletter. There are many more with water news. Read more...

Volume 2, 2017
The Water Resources Institute is funding work on the effects on minerals dissolving into groundwater. This new issue of the quarterly newsletter also covers other topics, mostly shipwrecks, in this special issue.  Read more...

Volume 1, 2017
The first issue of the Aquatic Sciences Chronicle for 2017 is now available. In it, read about a project that is examining urban wastewater. Also, check out the Wisconsin Water Library's reading list with suggested titles related to tribal rights and water.  Read more...

Volume 4, 2016
Strong science underlies two projects outlined in the final issue of the Aquatic Sciences Chronicle for 2016. The first is applying the study of genetics to assess bacterial communities in three Waukesha, Wis., municipals wells.The second project outlines the latest study by the nation's foremost expert on freshwater actinobacteria.  Read more...

Full Archive of Chronicle Issues
Access the full archive of issues of the Aquatic Sciences Chronicle. Click the "browse" tab in the upper left. Read more...

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